Reordering of the Church of Our Lady

Client:  Westminster RC Diocese  I  London

This listed church was built just after the Catholic Emancipation Act. Designed by J J Scoles as a basilica ,with two false transepts housing the benefactors to the South and the clergy to the North.

It has undergone considerable change. The last change in the 1970s brought the altar back to its original location and incorporated fine artwork – but left a legacy of difficult levels and temporary structures such as a chipboard reconciliation room, no font and a dead area behind the altar.

We raised the nave floor by one step, alleviating the levels issue and created a more informal, area at west end (we call it the ‘inner narthex’ ). We resited the modern organ and statues, incorporated a new reconciliation room at the east end, a quiet room, repository (shop) and more. The area behind the altar houses the choir and is used for prayer in front of the new tabernacle (by Stephen Foster).

Take time also to view the ‘before’ images.

Photography by Timothy Soar