Thatched Barn Conversion

Client:  Private Client  | Letchworth

A unique listed, thatched barn – found on the point of collapse, was brought into family use as a linked annex to the main house – being within 1m of the existing conservatory. We carried out conservation repairs of the timber frame – which showed signs of possible use as a hall-house before being assembled into a barn and extended with a side aisle. We used lime-hemp construction to strengthen the weak side-aisle wall. The last photograph shows the barn as we found it – the side aisle wall (built of recent timber studwork with bricks in cement mortar) was rotating off its plinth wall: pushed over by growing distortion of the timber frame.

The structure was upgraded using hair-lime plaster and lath finished with limewash and distemper. Sheeps’ wool insulation and 450mm of thatch provides thermal insulation. The boarding is larch.

HAA Award Winner 2010 for conservation